Saturday, June 29, 2013

USA Property - back in favour - Fact or Fiction decide !

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It's time to review the USA property scene once more, with up-to-date facts; let me know your thoughts !

US property is the most popular it has ever been on, according to the latest Top of the Props report, accounting for 1 in 4 of all property enquiries last month. 

America’s popularity surged by 5 per cent in March 2013 to account for 25.95 per cent of investment activity – the largest share ever recorded by any country on the site.

The country became investors’ property market of choice in October last year, when it seized the top spot from rival Spain with 20.91 per cent share of enquiries. Since then, demand has continued to increase, hitting 21.44 per cent in December before slipping back to 20.58 per cent in February. But America marched forward to new heights last month, as buyers were won over by the country’s recovering market.

Countries Providing the Most Stable and Secure Real Estate Investments
1. U.S.A.(#1 last year)
2. Canada (#2 last year)
3. Germany (#3 last year)
4. Australia (#4 last year)
5. United Kingdom (#5 last year)tied with Sweden (unranked last year)
Countries Providing the Best Opportunity for Capital Appreciation
1. U.S.A. (#1 last year)
2. Brazil (#2 last year)
3. United Kingdom (#4 last year, tied with Australia)
4. Turkey (#9 last year)

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