Thursday, March 24, 2011

World Events & Wealth Opportunities

Hi All

Well what an incredible few months and can I start with my sincere heartfelt thoughts to those affected in the following countries ; Australia (Qld & Vic) New Zealand, Japan and with the unrest (Nth Africa & Middle East) we see on a weekly basis, may this bring long-term positive resolution for the citizens of those countries and regions.

With that said, so much is happening in the money markets, exchange rates and world economies.

Whilst all these events are happening around the world, it's when the 'brave hearts' get to work and start to execute investment strategies.

I have been seeing increased traffic (reports, comments, literature and everyday news) and as such the opportunities are rife !

So I have compiled a few of these articles and provided links (below) for you to review and make sense of this yourself.
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Enjoy and until next time - be safe !

Kind regards