Monday, October 27, 2008

Investment Property Australia

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Well what a difference a few weeks make for the global finances ! Who would have believed Meryl Lynch and Lenham Brothers but just goes to show its not your size but what you do and how you go about doing it that matters !!

Now amongst all this chaos the real investors start to emerge and see real opportunities to make high capital growth from fallen equity positions.

Now is the time for any investor that wishes to make long-term gains to seize the moment and purchase property in strategically sound locations such as South East Queensland Australia.

With its $107 billion dollar, 21 year infrastructure programme and huge influx of people into the region, continuing to make it Australia's fastest growing region and the world's fifth fastest is one of the safest 'havens' you could find for long-term and sustainable capital growth.

I have added a few links to news stories and update son the Australian economy FYI.

Overview of Australian Economy - IMF
Migration Boom - News

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